Fashion for Good: One Designer's Story

Erin Hutchison is the designer and maker behind jewelry and gift company, A Spoonful. As someone who likes to unearth unique treasures, I love everything this girl makes. What really makes A Spoonful so special is that Erin is doing so much more than following her passion to create. Erin explains in her own words ...


A Spoonful was founded in 2013 when I purchased a set of metal stamps on a whim and began to play around with them in my spare time. I came across the idea of stamping vintage flatware and quickly fell in love with the process. Taking something old that has been tossed aside and giving it new life is the foundation of my craft.


I create at a workbench in my garage, forging metals on an anvil with my grandfather's hammer. He was a carpenter by trade, and working with his hammer is such a special and sentimental addition to my process.


I hand craft a variety of items; the best sellers are jewelry, stamped coffee spoons and keychains. As A Spoonful continues to grow I am incorporating other salvaged metals into my designs.


We are currently in the process of adopting a little boy from Ethiopia. All profits from A Spoonful go toward our family's adoption expenses.

Visit her shop:

Many thanks to our model, Lilly Davis, for donating her time and pretty much freezing her toes off for this shoot! <3