Adventure + Romance: How to Find it When You're Busy

We go full tilt at life; working, volunteering, hanging with family, pursuing personal projects, and keeping up with friends. I would say Travis and I are built to run that way. We like to take on a lot -- to be challenged, to feel useful. The downside of our lifestyle is that it can sometimes overshadow our marriage. Even though we tackle most of the busyness together, it doesn't replace time focused on one another.

That's what the long weekend was invented for. It's amazing what three days can do to restore, rekindle, reenergize, basically re-everything. We like to explore some patch of wilderness together. It gives us space to let go of distractions and find the fun in each other. Adventuring together is like a trust exercise wrapped in a yoga retreat wrapped in a romantic getaway. ;)

The Pacific Northwest was created for three day weekends. Our favorite spot around Valentine's Day is always Winthrop, WA ...