Love that Lasts

Love is so much more than wedding bells. That smooch on the wedding day seals a lifelong deal to, well, deal with each other, in love. Your love story is reflected in the thousand small ways you choose to deal with each other every day ... you going rock climbing just to be with him even though you have menstrual cramps; him going to see "La La Land" with you, even though musicals make his eyeballs roll into the back of his head ...

The truth is, love doesn't fade after marriage; it becomes Real. Tested. Trustworthy. You are a team, a family. Your marriage becomes home base for all sorts of adventures: travel, home-making, building your family, making a difference in your community, etc. This is why we want to tell your story. Your wedding day matters, not so much because it perfectly reflects your Pinterest board, but because it marks the beginning of the best and most beautiful adventure life offers.

Rachelle and Dustin have been married over a year -- a year full of health problems and hardship -- and the way they love each other now is even more beautiful than it was on their wedding day. You guys are an inspiration. Go team!