Nervous About Your Engagement Shoot?

We recently had the pleasure/terror of being in front of the camera, and I just want to say, I feel your pain. ... What do I wear? What if my outfit goes out of style immediately after the photo shoot? What if my skin breaks out? Does the camera really add ten pounds? How can we possibly act natural in front of the the camera? ... These thoughts and more were enough to keep me up at night.

Based on the anxious looks I've seen in the eyes of many a couple arriving at their engagement shoot, I know I'm not alone. Maybe you're way more mature than me, but if you share similar concerns, here's how I managed to to have a fun + joyous shoot:


As much as I want to be tall, blond and 23, that ain't happening. I had to take an honest look at what clothes and hairstyle were going to celebrate my short frame, dark hair and age of 30-something. Once I got over the fact that God made me me, and not Karlie Kloss, I started to appreciate my own idiosyncrasies and play up the features I do possess.


Skin breakouts and a few extra pounds are a fact of life for most of us. A few healthy practices make me feel so good inside, that I actually care less about whether I look perfect on the outside: Drink water, like a lot of it. Practice yoga, pilates or dance -- they all improve posture and self-confidence. Eat clean, which for me includes minimizing dairy, gluten and sugar.


"Joy is the best makeup." - Anne Lamont. On the day of the photo shoot, Travis and I cleared our afternoon, gave ourselves plenty of time to get ready, then spent an hour or so roaming around, hand-in-hand. Spending time together brought our love to the surface and made it easier to express emotions on camera. So go ahead and plan out your look from head to toe, but more importantly leave time to share joy with your fiancé on the day of the shoot.

In the end, you're bound to have moments when you feel awkward and nervous. That's normal. It happened to us. Don't let it derail you. Set yourself up to be healthy, happy and feelin' the love. That's all anybody wants to see -- how happy you make each other. When the awkwardness washes over you, look at each other, laugh and move on.

Thanks a million to Alina Garner Photography for capturing such natural photos of the two of us!