Adventures in Kauai

I want to share a quick overview of our trip to Kauai last month, just in case anyone is looking for an amazing destination wedding or honeymoon spot. This island is beautiful and full of great hiking trails with some of the best views on earth. Activities not pictured, but also great fun, are the snorkeling and kayaking. We loved it all!

I sound like an over-enthusiastic guide book, but Kauai is really one of the best vacation spots if you're looking for a mix of excitement and relaxation. We got out nearly every day and had some kind of adventure, but most evenings were spent watching the sunset, sipping drinks and eating delicious food.

Shoot us a note if you want to know more. We found the best fish tacos, the coolest trail that you'll never find unless you know it's there and the prettiest spot on the south shore to watch the sunset.