Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

How do you know what sort of wedding bouquet is right for you? With endless ideas to scroll through on Pinterest, where do you even start? When we photographed Shana and Jake's wedding this spring, I was struck by the beauty of Shana's bouquet. Shana, being a floral designer as well as a recent bride, was awesome enough to share with us how and why she chose her bouquet ...


With me being a bit more on the taller side, I knew I wanted more of a bigger bouquet, that way it didn't look like I was only holding a few flowers. As far as the shape goes, I wanted something more airy and "gardeney", so I decided do something not so tight and compact. And I actually found a bouquet on Pinterest that I loved the shape of, so I showed it to the ladies doing my flowers and we just changed the colors/flowers to match mine.


For flowers, I kind of have a unique experience being I work at a flower shop. So I honestly already knew exactly what flowers I absolutely love. :) But outside of that, some flowers have a more soft and airy feel, as opposed to a more harsh feel. Knowing I wanted a more "gardeny" and airy bouquet, I worked with the designers in deciding what specificlly would give that feel, like the peonies, renuculas, and berries in my bouquet. Honestly, one of the best things you can do is be really open and to talk with your florist. If you know what style you're going for, they can help guide your flower choices to achieve whatever you're looking for!


With my colors I have a bit of an interesting story...originally the colors I wanted were maroon and gold (and that was when we wanted to get married this coming October instead). Although, I couldn't find anything I really loved in that color scheme. One day, while I was looking at some silk flowers for our cake, I found ones I absolutely LOVED in light blush/peach colors with light green. So I went ahead and bought those, and based the rest of the wedding colors off them!


My dad passed away about 2 years ago now from a type of brain cancer, so doing some sort of personalizing to honor him was very important to me. I have a small locket with his picture in it from my aunt, so I wanted to incorporate that in my bouquet itself. I had it put in a spot where I could look down and see it in front of me while I walked down the aisle with my uncle, but it was special to me because no one else really knew it was there.


To keep my bouquet fresh, I simply kept it in a vase with just the end of the stems in water for as much as possible. I brought it with me to where we took our pictures, and before the ceremony, I had it in the vase up until I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. With the reception, I hardly held it at all so it stayed in it's vase, and made a nice decoration for our table. But I was honestly so excited as we were leaving I forgot to take it off the table and bring it with me!

You can find Shana blissfully playing with flowers all day (at least that's how I picture her!) at Holly's Flower Boutique in Walla Walla, WA.